Show QR Code in Game


after trying hours and hours (5 days) i need your Help.
I want to show a simple QR Code in the Game. But this has to be transmitted in text form in a JSON document from my webspace)

I tried it

  • as ascii code (generated from my php script) (but cannot show html code in Text)
  • as base64 image (but this is a little bit to difficult to me to bring this in gdevelop)
  • and so much other things and ideas.

But nothing works in javascript (or i am to stupid :smiley: )

what is the best Case to do this?

thank you for your Help

greetings from germany

You can find in GD an example, called “load image from url” in example tab when you start a new project.

You can use url as enter point, if you change the url by an base64 i think you can load your image.

Sorry, I know this thread is old, but it’s what I found when searching and led me to implementing this extension that does basically what you were talking about:

Yeah, I know I should polish it up and submit… but I didn’t end up using it because the entropy on QR codes was lower than I anticipated… so not very motivated to do so. :bowing_man:

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Works great during testing but HTML builds fail. Just passed it a simple string. Even tried using a local server… Could really use this :slight_smile: