Showcasing Game Information:

Dear GDevelop Team,

I would like to suggest the inclusion of a detailed information section about games in development on the website. This section could contain a brief description of the game, information about the current version, release date, and the latest update. Additionally, it would be helpful to add an option to indicate whether the game is finished, in development, or in beta.

This information would be valuable for both developers and players, providing a more comprehensive and transparent understanding of the current state of development for each game.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.



Hello damikelmes,
Thank you for your suggestion.
I am wondering what would you like to do with these kind of information (game updates, development status, etc.) in case GDevelop displayed this data?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m an indie game developer and I frequently follow the projects in development on your website. I believe that integrating detailed information about these games would bring significant benefits both to the players and to the community as a whole.

Key information for players:

  • Development status: Knowing whether a game is in its initial phase, alpha, beta, or has already been fully released is crucial for players to set their expectations and decide if it’s worth following the project.
  • Supported platforms: Knowing the platforms on which the game will be available allows players to assess if they will be able to play it on their devices.
  • Game description: A brief description of the game, including genre, theme, and main features, helps players understand if the game fits their interests.
  • Tags and available languages: Tags and available languages make it easier to search for specific games and ensure that players find content in their native language.
  • Release and update dates: Knowing when the game was released and when it received its last update provides players with information about the development pace and the level of support the game is receiving.
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I could not count how many times i did launch game from link from discord wip channel
And i was like nah after it either having long cutscene or i did not bother to figure out what game is about if i could not figure out controls in few secs

And so i closed many games without even checking what they actually are
And now i don’t even click on game links unless i see screenshot or video from game

So i say these information would be essential at least in my case
Since i could determine is it worth waiting or figuring out how to control it

Maybe add in it section where dev would explain controls or whatever

Not to be a party pooper… but non of that really matters.

People using your game ignore clear instructions, highly accentuated, on the actual game screen right in front of them, never mind extras somewhere on the page…

I tried placing (Demo), (Beta) and so on, both on the title on the page and in game, so people knew before sending feedback… they ignore it and act as if your game is fully released and they just paid a premium for it…

In my opinion theres other things more important, like improving the “feedback” system or maybe add a “Dev Log” section like on, that would be way cooler, specially if people can follow your game on there and see it develop.