Shuffle array values with "array tools" extension

I’ve been tinkering with the same problem for a long time now. Who can help. It’s very simple, but I can’t find a solution.

I need to shuffle the values of array elements.
I decided that it would be most convenient to do this with the help of “Array Tols”, which I found in the extensions. Just yesterday I shuffle array values ​​with it, but today I can’t do it. Obviously I’m making some stupid mistake and I just don’t see it.

Can someone take a look at the screenshots and tell me where my mistake is? Or offer your own solutions on how to achieve what I want.

I want to ensure that when starting a new scene, the same object from the “food” group would receive a different value, would give a different amount of health. There are 5 of these objects in total, and so that at each launch they give a different amount of health.
To do this, I created an array, when the scene starts, I mix its values (but it doesn’t work for me).

It seems that something is wrong with the extension, but I looked at the code, everything seems to be in order there.

It looks like Shuffle array takes the array name in quotes. So, in your case I believe it would be Shuffle array “rolls”


Ah, you saved me! And then I spent so much nerves, I double-checked everything 30 times. It helped in a way that I didnt expect. I wish you good health :green_heart: