simple question about platformer automatism and enemies!!!!!

first question
when my character is in attacking mode, he is still move able, which is extremely wrong for my game. i want it to not move or jump, or to do any other thing.

second question
how to make platform enemies. i mean they stay on platform and chase on platform, don’t start to float in the air.

First question:
You need to add the attacking condition in the events related to walk, jump, etc.
For example, if right key is pressed and the current animation is different than the attack animation >> Walk actions
You could manage a flag system too, but it’s a bit complex :slight_smile:

Second question:
Add to the enemies the Platformer automatism, disable the default controls, and use the platform actions to move the enemies simulating an AI.

that is not a problem!!! let just say it this way when my character is attacking i need to deactivate it’s platformer automatism, or something. when it is attacking the animation does not change because the global variable attack is bigger than 0. It continue it’s action but it moves if i press move keys or jump.

Please don’t use so many exclamation marks :slight_smile:
About the problem, why you don’t deactivate the platformer automatism when start attacking, and reactivate it when finish the attack, just as you are suggesting? :confused:

I tried but it wasn’t working. But now it is, because there was some problem with my events. i fixed it.