Simple Randomiser

My idea is pretty simple: Every action has a “with __% chance section”. For example:
Action I with 30% chance
Action II with 50% chance
Action III with 0.5% chance

If the percentage is showed like this: “.8%” then it will count as 0.8%

Also there will be “Set max persentage possible” button.


Action I has 40% chance
Action II has 25.5% chance
Pressing this button for Action III will set its chance to 34.5%

And we will be able to connect actions by percentage to act together

For example:
Action I has 50% chance
Action II has 40% chance

But we can make them activate together with button “connect with action and set percentage”
So we connect Two Actions and set their chance to 100%

If you leave this action setting blank, then it will automatically get 100% chance, if there’s two blank actions, so their chances are 50%, 33.3333…% for three blank action, you get the line.

In the event, it will show like that: Change the value of a global variable GlobalVariable : set to 0 with 57% chance (the percentage has blue color)

you can do a var with number random RandomInRange(1, 10) and check if the var is a certain number then do something

Yep, Darkshadow has this correct above. Random and RandomInRange expressions exist in the engine today.

While I get the ask, I’m not seeing a huge need to add an additional feature that makes events more complex when this would be better served by users learning the expression builder and using variables. Maybe at most you could build a user extension to abstract it out?

That’s just me, though. If a contributor sees value in adding it, doesn’t seem horribly complex?

Since GDevelop is all about making game development easier, I think it makes sense, and I don’t think that would really bloat GDevelop in any way. I also think that would improve events sheet readability, which is IMO important since I hear often from people getting demotivated from their game as their event sheets become too complex to read and understand.