Simplify the order of WORDS in the EVENT EDITOR so that it matches the order of CLICKS required to register the event

In order to facilitate the creation of an event, it would be useful if the wording we can read in the event editor would be similar to the process of creating it in the event editor. This is really important since it is the information we find on forums and text explanations. (only video tutorials provide the process of where to click in which menu).

To say it clearer here is an example :
in the editor we can read

and in practice we need to

  • first select the DesertTank1
  • then select X position
  • then add 5

Here is my proposal :
show in the event editor the text in similar order as the click order required to register the line, which would be here :

In this case it is rather obvious. But in more complicated cases, it is really impossible for a beginner to find out how to create the proper event because he wouldn’t know where to begin his click.

This would also greatly improve the possibility to teach to children. And I add here big congratulations to Gdevelop team for where it is now, because it is already a great achievement.