Simulation help.

Hey, I’m quite new here, so I might sound completely stupid, but here goes (sorry in advance!)
I am attempting to create a Simulation game, and it’s going quite smoothly so far… That is until I hit a snag so to speak. I am currently trying to create a situation where when a certain object is clicked on, a pre- made text screen appears (pre-made as in an image I have created, so perhaps not a text object but a sprite object? I don’t know) Now, the text screen should appear on screen until the player decided to cancel, and continue with the game. Is this possible? Trust me, I’ve experimented with all kinds of variables and events, actions, etc etc and nothing ever happens… Any ideas guys?
I realised not too far into this project that perhaps Gdevelop is not the way to move forward with a simulation style game, with hundreds of different click scenarios. Anyone know a way around this?
Thankyou in advance! (I should also point out that I’m a girl, and some people believe coding and game making should be left to the guys out there. I’m not so sure though :wink: haha! )

It might seem like overkill to create a new scene just for showing the message, but if you did that then you could use the pair of actions: “Pause and start a new scene” and “Stop and go back to previous scene” to deal with the pausing for you.

Otherwise it would be a case of setting the value of a variable e.g. paused to 1 when paused and 0 when not paused. You could then add a check on the value of paused to your main events, only running them if it equalled zero. Ideally, you’d have one master event which checks if the value of paused=0, with all your simulation events being sub-events of that, so that they will only run if paused=0. Unfortunately, while GDevelop lets you add sub-events easily, adding a super-event around existing ones is not built in, so it would require some copy and pasting, which can mess up the order of actions. :frowning: