Size of sprites

Hello guys, I have a problem here, I can’t get the sprite size right for my game, the resolution will be full HD, but when I reduce the character’s sprite in gdevelop it gets a little shaky, if I make the sprite smaller and increase it in gdevelop it it gets blurry and if I already make the sprite of the size that would be in the game it gets low resolution.
I make the sprites by drawing them in blender grese pencil, they are not pixel art.
About canvas I did not understand very well.

Here’s some info around game art that is hopefully helpful.

  1. Even in hand drawn games like Hollow Knight, their biggest bosses are made up of 500x500 pixel sprites. The main character’s sprites are only 120x120 at their largest. Going bigger isn’t really required in most cases. Spiritfarer, which I feel is one of the best looking hand drawn games in the last generation, maxed out around 390x390 pixels for their sprites.
  2. Modern systems tend to max out at 2000x2000 pixels for a single sprite as far as what they can display if you want to display more than 1 sprite at a time. You could theoretically go larger but then you’ll only be able to display one or two sprites total before your GPU doesn’t render them anymore. Mobile devices are worse off, and tend to max out anywhere from 1000x1000-2000x2000.
  3. If you’re drawing your assets, you should be scaling your assets down before you export them for GDevelop, not within GDevelop itself.

For scaling I just need to readjust the resolution? Because when I do this in Blender grease pencil the sprite already has bad quality.

Yes, you would want to adjust in whatever tool you’re using to make the art. I can’t speak to the application, but normally art tools have different scaling modes, you should ensure you try them all.

I would also make sure that you’re scaling down to an even divisor (e.g. if your sprite is 2048x2048, you want to go down to something more reasonable in the 200x200 to 300x300 range, you would want to make sure you’re going to 256x256 (2048 divided by 8) and not 200x200, which isn’t an equal divisor. This makes the scaling algorithm have to do less work.

Unfortunately, if scaling your art down to your desired size makes it look bad regardless of the tool, there’s not much that can be done on the GDevelop side. If you’re not doing retro pixel art, normally you’ll want to ensure you’re doing vector drawings as they scale down/up near infinitely without huge quality loss.

Outside of that I can’t give much recommendations.