Sliding effect help

How to check my location relative to the wall. If you are on the right or left.

I want to add a sliding effect on the wall when i collision with it .
Its work perfect with advanced movement extinction.
But i want some colors to create on the wall that I’m sliding on
Something similar to super meat boy.
But verification always succeeds for one side and the other does not.
![image_2022_09_29_20_39_21|258x500] like this :smile:

Just add a point to your player then check if wall piont inside player.PointX(“slide”), player.PointY(“slide”) create smoke or something

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I will try that soon.

Do you mean i have to make two points one for the right and one for the left. And when collision points right to wall create smoke for example and same for left ?

Worked fine thank you <3

Last question in this topic.

When you are sliding if you press the the other direction its gonna create the effect in the wrong direction.
For example you are sliding on the right wall and at the same time you pressed left its gonna create the effect the other side. Is there a thing i can do about that ?

I’m talking from memory here
You may add a condition like
->if player is in collision with wall
→ Key press “Left”
→ Key press “Right” (invert)