Slope angles: How do I set the right angle?

Hi all, I’m experiencing a bit of a problem with a player in my game going down a slope. I have it going down 1 slope fine, but then the character needs to slide down the next slope in the other direction

As you can see I have set the first slope as 45% and it moves well, but on the 2nd slope I can’t seem to set the angle right. Their character doesn’t slide properly and when it jumps, it is trying to go back up the slope.

  • Do I need to stop the previous force applied on slope 1 first?
  • Also where does 0 start on the 360 degrees. Is it at the top (ie north) or on the right (east) or is it inline with the current player position?

Many thanks,

Zero starts at east and goes clockwise. Is this a platform game? I wonder if this would be easier with the physics behavior. Let gravity do all the work. I don’t know the context of your screenshot.

Edit: Yes, IDK if it’s the best tactic but I would stop it first.

Thanks Keith, That sounds like the way to go. Really appreciate your help :smile:

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