Sloped Platform (SOLVED)

What I’m trying to do: Make a slanted platform for the character to run up.

My problem: When the character walks up to the platform, it stops. If I make my character jump on the platform, it’ll run up and down it just fine, but I can’t just make the character walk up to it and on it. I wanna figure out how to let the character walk up to the platform and walk on it.

Extra notes:

  • The only behaviour set on it right now is the Platform Behaviour
  • I modified the collision mask to match the object’s look.
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Try this in the platformer object increase the Slope Max angle to 60, and try again.

Thanks, but I don’t have the PlatformerObject behaviour on this object and I can’t find that behaviour when I tried searching for it on GDevelop. Where did you get it? I’d like to get it cuz it looks like it could solve my problem.

Look at the PlayerHitBox object there is the Platformer behavior attached then the Player is positioned to the PlayerHitBox.

Oh, duh! I was looking at the wrong object!
Thanks so much, Freitas! It works now!

A summary for the problem and solution for future users

I wanted to make sloped platforms so I could have hills and cliffs in my game. To do that, I had to:

  • Make sure the platform object(s) had the Platform behaviour. The collision mask should be the same as the slope.
  • Have the Player have the Platform Character behaviour.
  • Have a Player Hitbox object.
  • In the Player Hitbox object, I had to set the Slope Max Angle to another number (60 in this case).
  • Then it worked!