Sloped "spiral" platform

Is there a way to make this type of platform on gdevelop?


It is supposed to let you go up without jumping, like when you go to the straight platforms on the right or left, and go back you climb up and not back down.
I tried just rotating the hitboxes of platforms, but when it goes to the straight part the player just falls down.

I think this is an issue that would be great to upload the project, but this one is pretty big, if there is a way to export only one scene as a project I am willing to do it.


Have you tried making the straight parts separate objects? (I’m assuming you are using the jump thru platforms?)

Yes. Have a separate collision mask for each slope as explained in this link, or have the two slopes as 2 different objects. You’ll need to make it a customised collision mask. Also make the object jump-though platform objects