Slopes are broken?

I can’t seem to make a slope work. They used to work prior to 4.092…

Slope with what ? Platformer moving object ? Physic extension ? what is the angle fo your slope ? This could be a bug report if it’s confirmed and can be reproduced.

Personnaly i use the 4.0.92 for now, i faced too many problems with the 4.0.92, but the nightly builds corrected all the problem i faced… I’ll keep using 4.0.92 until the next stable version for now. Maybe you should take a look on nightly builds of Gdevelop changelogs :


still failing.PNG
Platformer. I tried also using GDev Nightly, failed to fix.

I use slopes like this in 4.0.92, and don’t have any problem with it… Try to revert your gdevelop version to 4.0.92… but it might be risky. Save your project before.

About slopes, i remember a post about slopes and angle from Victor, i think your angle is too much important. i don’t remember exactly but i think the maximum angle your character will be able to climb is 60°.