[Sloved] Change Scenes Size

Hello Guys .
when i add camera for my game , my scene size changed. how i can slove it?

screenshot :

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The scene size remains the same, but the camera is centered on your player and your player is at the edge of your background.
You should probably try the action “center the camera on an object within limits”.

this camera need X,Y Values and one object …
on object box i must select the player object?
how i can use it?

Select the player, yes, and then choose where the camera can go.
You can start with 0;0;1000;1000 and see if you need more or less.

I Sloved This Problem…
Now i have new problem…
i have free space on my scense .
how i can slove this?

This Problem Sloved. ty Gruk

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