Slow camera shift. How it is done?

I have places in my game where camera just shifts from player onto an object. But the shift is too sudden I want the shift to be smooth and slow? how do I do it any Idea? :confused:

How about slowly increase/decrease the position of the camera until it reach it destination?

Example: … o-position

I forgot to tell That I have camera limits too SO I don’t know how will I make it work in my project. But here something I did. Only on problem I want the CC (CameraCenter) Object needs to stop at the position of the object it need to follow. it keeps jerking.

I have the problem solved. I just had to place the number 1 event in the bottom. Now how do I close this thread?

The usual way to do this is using the lerp function I think, or at least thats how I do smoothed movement in many cases.

I used a camera objects here, but you can do this with the actual camera position too, by using the current camera position and your camera destination instead of object coordinates.