Smash Game Creation

Hi everyone, I would like to create a smash game. How can I do?

If you mean Smash as in “Smash Brothers”, there are not currently any tutorials for you to follow on this.

You will need to to at least the following items, and as there are not specific tutorials on this you’ll be building these from scratch/on your own:

  1. Decided and build player controls for the fighting game
  2. Build out animations
  3. Set up custom hitboxes
  4. Track player health.
  5. Track different attack damages
  6. Ensure all of the above applies depending on the selected character.

As a general warning based off your prior threads, please do not respond with “Yes, how do I do this” or I’ll be forced to close the thread.

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No, I am thinking like Smash Hit Game

Ah, so you ask the same question like here Wery important question and here Game Creation Question? I guess the answer is still the same.


Closed, because, as Drona pointed out, Multiple Threads already exists.
@lzBannedAnonymize Please stop asking question that lead to nowhere.
If you would be serious about this, at least a little bit, just start to make a project.
If you are stuck on 1 specific task, you can ask people to help.