Smooth camera movement in low resolution game

I have a lower resolution game I’m working on (320x180), and I’m trying to figure out how to get smoother camera movement, but maintain everything in a pixel perfect view (no rotated pixels, no half pixels etc.)

I have found some solutions in other programs, but I can’t figure out how to replicate a smooth, sub-pixel movement with a pixel-perfect camera.

This post perfectly outlines what I’m trying to achieve:

Is this kind of thing possible in Gdevelop?

Hi, did you try the suggestions in this topic?

There is also an extension for pixel perfect movement:

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Yeah, kind of a different issue. The pixel perfect movement isn’t the issue, it’s the pixel perfect rotation that I’m looking for. I want the camera to move smoothly at a subpixel level (or high resolution), but render the actual game in lower resolution to keep the pixelated look when I rotate sprites.

This is an example of someone solving this problem in Godot. I have seen similar solutions in other engines, but haven’t found a solution in Gdevelop.

Okay, I hope someone has a suggestion for that.

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