Smooth camera shift toword a position ?

So when the player dies . He is deleted and then recreated in another position … the camera just skip to that position … what i need is to make the camera slowly shift to the respawn point on the player .

How can i do that ?

An example is included with GD called Move camera to position. Did you try that?

Yeah but i don’t know how i can make it work in my game … I need the camera when the player respawn to slowly shift like in the example … the example is about dragging … but how can i do do it with hitbox moving ?

In the example, we move the camera if the object is not dragged.
You only need to replace that with a condition that fit your game. It hard to say what would fit the game you are making.
For example, you could have a variable saying move_camera that you set to 1 if player is dead. If move_camera = 1 then move camera to the player position just like in the example and then, check if the position of the camera is about the same as the player position then set move_camera = 0.

I think, this should help
How to make a smooth camera in gdevelop with an extension

You’ll could use lerp on the camera position from the death to respawn positions.

Or add a hidden object with a tween. Centre the camera on this object, and use a positional tween on the hidden object from the death to respawn positions. Although it seems like a bit of work, it’s is probably the easiest because you create the tween and forget about it.

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