Smooth Camera X Offset using LERP?

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How do I…

Smooth Camera X Offset using LERP? Does anyone know the answer?

The smooth camera x offset action takes a number input, but have tried it using the lerp function, searched but no answers.

The goal is to have the camera offset the player depending on weather the player is facing right or left.
I can do it, but not with the lerp function. Any help would be appreciated.

Have found a good example that may solve my issue.

It is explained well here.

Hi Jack, thanks for your reply.
I need to change the camera offset when player is facing right, then change the offset again when player is facing left, using lerp somehow.
I have watched that video and many others but can’t seem to find anyone that has done this in a game.

I also am using the ‘follow free area’ in the smooth camera settings also as I need that.
Have tried everything. I did find a game example that might help, will try that later.

Here is a simple screen of my project. Using this has worked. Only problem now is the ‘follow free area’ isn’t working now.