Smoother pathfinding.

I have mentioned this problem before in the help category,but since I did not find a way to solve it,I decided to open a topic here to “officially” request this feature.

The problem is,if our object is moving on a path and the object direction is follow the path direction as it moves,it looks very poor.
The reason is that,the path is made out of nodes,and these nodes ar represeting the direction of the path.So our object,to follow the direction,always set it own direction to the next node direction and it makes the object direction to “jumping” node to node.It fine for an object that use an 8 direction animation,but otherwise it can look horrible as my example shows that in my previous post in help category.

I have tried to increase the number of nodes to make a path,so our object may “jumping” less but most of the times it made GD to crash but if it not,it still looked poor.

So,it would be great if this extension can be improved and the objects could follow the path direction nicely and smoothly.

Yeah, ideally, path should be smoothed using either Bezier or NURBS algorithm.

The only way I can find to fix this is to set the sprite to rotate to Human.AStar::DestinationX() Human.AStar::DestinationY()
This isn’t a great fix but will probably help you out ;D

Thanks, I’ll try it :slight_smile: