Snakes&ladders game

I need help i want to make snake
and ladder game but i need to know how to
Make the dice choose a number randomly from 1 to 6 and
Make the player move after the dice choose a number automatically
Thabks i hope you help me

There are events for numbers in a random range so use them set from 1-6 for the dice.

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Thank you @coppercentage i have made this and it works but i have the a problem i wanna make the player move according to the number chosen by dice .

You can make objects along the track, giving them a value based on the board position. Lets say 0 to start point, 1 to the next, 2, 3, and so on. The player may hold the value of the actual spot and then you can add the dice value to the player value and move it.

You can tie a variable to each number and movement. So if your random number condition generates the random number 3 for example the variable for the number 3 will correspond with a movement action you set.