So bad performance .. stutter .. lag .. please help ?

I’m struggling to get a stable fps in the game (on android) … i have no idea what is going on …
i have coins to collect and i have lots of them in the level … could that make the game stutter / lag ?

the level has only 1 kind of platform and it’s 8*8 … the lag gives a big problem like skipping some scene variables and not counting right the coins i collect which break the whole point of the game …
the level is big btw and i was going to make even bigger levels but i can’t if it’s like that.
do i really have to make small levels in order for this to work ?

i don’t use pixel perfect collision
no global var.
i even made a loading screen with all the objects into it at the beginning so it loads once i enter the game .
all pictures are (always loaded in memory / smooth the picture) both active .
used parent and child events so it fires only when the condition happen .

you enter the game … the game starts loading stuff as you walk so it stutters/lag and breaks the fun in the game .

i’m testing on Lenovo A6010
do the z- order make the game lag ?
is Gdevelop 5 can’t handle the game ?

WHAT IS WRONG ? i did every thing
maybe is there a way to active v-synq ?

If anyone knows anything that could help … i’m right here waiting .

Thanks for helping out .

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