So many levels in a short time ? (How?)

Let’s take a look at candy crush for example … you have a crazy amount of levels (basically they are the same with something different each time. I think at least. I don’t play it actually but i see people do).
But how ?
I mean how do they make this crazy amount of levels ?
I made in my game right now about 10 levels but it’s a crazy amount of work (not complaining just trying to find a better way i think)
Ok i’m just going to put the question and leave you to put your own opinions .

What is the best way to make so many levels in your game in a short time ?
(And not just any levels but interesting one)

You make templates for it, example use pixmaps or pixel representations for the templates then based on your code / algorithm it will represent those with the objects. Which everything is randomized (with the choosing of the template, and the level objects and such). I personally haven’t tried implementing one yet on GD; but it was more easier through code, I wanna see how it goes also when I try it on GD5.

Its the same as generating maps, and such.