Soft Touch Menu for Mobile Devices

Hello friends.
After a certain second of touching the button, I want it to move to another scene by playing another animation on the button. But it’s not working.
I’m gonna have to use a lot of buttons like this. What I want is the soft fall effects in professional games.

I tried the button event here, but it does not work on the android system. He clicks, but he doesn’t go to the next scene.

I want to hear a sound when the button is pressed. Although I have tried this combination in many ways, I could not solve it in a healthy way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You need to trigger once the sound playing or it will sound awful, and you need to start/reset the timer when you want it to start counting.
And don’t forget that to execute an action of a sub-event, the conditions of both the parent event and the sub-event need to be valid.
Good luck!
Great graphics by the way! I’d love to have similar stuff for my game :innocent:

Thank you for the answer. There’s no way I haven’t tried. But I couldn’t get the effect I wanted. I opened it for a concrete example and advice.

Here’s the problem. A few seconds after tapping the button, I want to switch to the specified scene after the other animation in the button is finished.

Thank you.

This is short video with problems me.