Solid walls obstacles for top down movement player

Hello, I’m trying to create a top-down player experience. The behavior is top-down (obviously) but I’m looking for some behavior for my wall sprite?
I come from construct and they used a ‘solid’ behavior, which just did the trick.

I’ve looked around for the answer > Stoping the player whit top-down movement

Also downloaded a demo, and I couldn’t work out how they did it :frowning:

my game is in it’s infancy state, so not much to show I’m afraid. just a player sprite with (TD movement) and a wall sprite (which is a tilesprite - OOH! does that make a difference ???)


Generally a check is made for a collision between the wall and player objects as the event condition, and then separate the player and wall objects as the event action.

Tile sprites have a fixed, whole image collision box.

Thanks MrMen,
Sorry about my late response. I’m not 100% sure I understand enough to get the player to stop on collison with a wall sprite. I’ve checked player actions.

check if the player is colliding with the wall with events
then use “Seperate Objects” action to seperate the player from the wall.

What have you got so far in the way of events?

So, here: if player collides from x Then reposition -8 (sprite width). But if I collide from Y then … :frowning:

Bingo!!! Thank you TiberianEuan and also MrMen.

No help whatsoever player still treats the building as if it was the ground

I suggest you start a new topic, and describe your issue with a screen shot of your events.

I’m not doing that for a fifth time. All I want to know is how to make an object and obstacle TO THE PLAYER!

I don’t understand this. You only joined 2 hours ago and have so far only made 2 posts, both to this topic.


Under Add Action… choose Separate Objects