Solve this problem with draggable physiscs anda moving objects?

I want to make an object move towards another using a force.
I also want that object (the one that moves) to have Draggable physics behavior.
Its not working.

I have a game with 3 objects: P1, P2 and G. Both P1 and P2 have Draggable physics behavior.
I want both P1 and P2 to have a force aplied to move towards G.
I think I gave the exact same intructions to both objects but only P1 is moving.

When I delete Draggable physics from P2, It moves like instructed, towards G, like P1
When I delete Draggable physics from both, they both move as instructed.
When I re-add Draggable physics to both, without changing any other properties, only P1 moves as instructed.
Can you halp me find the difference/problem?


Did you duplicate your sprite and renamed it?
Try to create a group for your P1 and P2
and a “For each object of the group” and the action as a sub-event.

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for replying.

No they are not duplicates.
You mean like this?

Doesn’t work…

here is the game link

If you’re applying forces to objects what have the physics behavior then you need to use the physics force actions. You might need to reduce friction or other values to get the look you’re looking for. You might not even need the physics behavior. It depends on your goal.


I still don’t understand why the other force type works for P1 and not P2, but using physics force action does what I want (sorry I don’t know why I didn’t explore a little more/didn’t see that option right away…)

Thank you guys for your assistance.

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