[Solved] 3 PowerUps and 3 Bullet Type differents

Hi, i am beginner.

I want create 3 power up and each power up that the “player” take the bullet shoot change.

power up 1 = bullet 1
power up 2 = bullet 2
power up 3 = bullet 3


i dont understand nothing to variable lol!!

Here is the logic:

Player in collison with powerup:- Delete powerup, set variable bullet = 1
Mouse is pressed, Value of variable bullet = 1:- Create bullet at position <X,Y position of where you want yo create the bullet>, add bullet a force, and all others things you want to do

You can create the bullets according to the powerup when the mouse is pressed, by adding the powerup conditions as a sub-event instead of using another event.

Also, why are you setting the variable bullet as true when mouse is pressed?


sorry my english!!! because i am learn about the gdevelop!!

the player is beginning shotting…

You have done it wrong, I will try to show an example tomorrow


Hi, here is how you could do it. Instead of creating and adding a force to the bullet. Try using the Fire extension. The advantage is that you can add a cooldown to the firing, giving you can fixed and neat fire rate. Add the Fire behaviour to the object that will be shooting the bullets.


thanksssss man!!! i go test today night

dont work !!! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Can you explain the problem?

Thanks man!! work!! i put “create” action !!

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