[solved]About Object Timer

I am making bullets and cooltime.

I first check the object variable by pressing the z key

If it is not in the cooltime state, it creates a bullet object and then generates a object timer “cooltime”

If the player is in the cooltime state and the “cooltime” timer is greater than 1 second

I stop the timer, set the cooltime state variable to 0, and reset the timer

I did not unlock the timer, so I thought the second one would not fire, but looking at the attached image file is not

What’s wrong?
Rather, is it better to create and delete timers each time? :astonished:

I have solved it by referring to the following post

I used the object timer of the player character, but I do not know why this is happening :question:

Honeycam 2018-12-15 13-59-58.gif

This reminds me, when you add multiple attachments you can decide where and in which order they’ll appear, at the bottom each attachment has a “Place inline” button :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley: