[Solved] Accessing the value of structure variable

So I have these events:

Can I make it more automatic? And no need to make specific events for every row and column, Like:

And how to make name become empty or “” if the quantity is 0?
The structure variable have name and quantity etc

Get rid of the 2 conditions on the repeat, and just have the set animation name action with :
GlobalVariableString(toolBox.page1["row"+ ToolsInventoryWindowTool.VariableString(row)]["column" + ToolsInventoryWindowTool.VariableString(column)].name)

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Is using “[]” to tweak the variable name only apply for structure variable?
Can it be used for:
There is variable1, variable2, variable3
Then to use the chosen variable is by using [“variable”+x], x is a number.

Yes, though it’s not tweaking the variable, but creating a string from the variable. It allows the name of the structure’s child to be passed as a string.

No, unfortunately. That would be a good use for it.

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Hi you can do something like this
Before start the loop set
PageNumber=0 or the value you need as start.
RowNumber= 0 or the value you need as start.
ColumNumber=0 or the value you need as start.
In a Foreach, Repeat or While

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