[Solved] Action Buttons for Android Version

Hi everybody,
please help me. I have a problem for configuring the buttons for my android game. Basically i created 4 buttons: 1 left button to go left and it works. 2 right button to go right and it works, 3 jump button to jump and it works. The last of them, the fourth, the action button not works.

Where i’m in wrong?
Thank you in advance

try uploading the project folder to media fire and send a link. i can’t figure out the issue with this screen shot

Thanks, here is the link of my project http://www.mediafire.com/folder/t2z64setnkk9r/Platform

Am having a problem downloading the file please put the file in an achieve using RAR or 7 zip or any other application for compressing

Ok this is the archive http://www.mediafire.com/file/szdm59mcp8e0aru/PlatformGame.zip/file

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I worked on it and it’s fixed now.

Thanks a lot. Now it works. :smiley:
I will follow you on your channel.

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You are welcome and thanks.