[Solved] action exists

i have different characters that move in different speeds on different terrains.

In order to get the pathfinding behavior follow the right path through this terrain modifier i need to be able to change the cost for the obstacles.


i just found out that its possible to use multiple behaviors of the same type, so i can work around that problem.


still, an event to just change the cost is much nicer to handle,
i planned on using 7 different terrains and with the compare method as shown above i have to figure out every possible combination and activate/deactivate the behaviors accordingly, instead of just use an event and do cost = mons.variable(terrain).

so the request stands.

The game is looking good :wink:
Are you using the latest beta?
I have this action:

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no i still use 98

ah, nvm i did find it.
i did not type for it and was just looking under behaviors.