[SOLVED]Add a blinking text cursor to a text box

Quick question!:
Has anyone accomplished a blinking text cursor for entering text on a text box? I’ve just added my first one, and I rather miss a blinking cursor. …But be darned if I can find it!

I’m getting desperate enough I might consider using the ReadPixels extension and read pixels until the text stops me and stamp down a blinking box. I tried finding a way to compute the text length in pixels, but I couldn’t find anything there either.
So, I thought I’d see if anyone has any slick solutions before I go and do something crazy!

LOL, any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks!

There’s one in the text input example.
Did you mean for text output?

What? Really? Where?

LOL, thanks. I’ll search that up! Not sure how I missed that!

EDIT: Holy Smokes! There’s a Text Input object that I completely missed! WOW! Hahaha, I’ve just been pouring so much time and effort into learning JavaScript and Sprites, I guess I overlooked that!
LOL, I actually haven’t even watched most of the tutorials because they all use no-code and I’m %100 javascript.

Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. Put the dunce hat on me!