{Solved] All my gdevelop games got... deleted?

I don’t even know what happened but here’s what I know about this so far. i was just casually chillin’ and then I opened gdevelop to get back to working on my game. AND THEN I SAW THE THEME CHANGED. i use the dark mode cause light mode hurts my eyes. well I thought that was weird. and then I went to recent projects and then I saw it. ALL MY GAMES WERE GONE. i have no idea whats going on please help

You must have cleared your preferences via something like ccleaner or having 2 instances of GDevelop opened at the same time. Don’t worry, your projects should not be stored via the same system, so even if GDevelop doesn’t “remember” you have worked recently on your projects, they should still be in a “GDevelop projects” folder in your “Documents” folder.

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oh hey, thanks for replying. I found all my gdevelop games in my folder but I STILL don’t know what’s going on! gdevelop is acting like I installed the for the first time. all default settings are back and nothing I had is still there (well I’m still logged in to my gdevelop account but other than that it’s all gone)
edit: by the way whats ccleaner?

Like I said, this happens if you open two instances of GDevelop or use cleaning software like ccleaner.

i didnt open two instances of gdvelop or use cleaning software.

ok i reset my computer and closed gdevelop and… it went back to normal? this was the strangest moment I’ve had with gdevelop

I strongly recommend getting Github desktop set up to backup your game projects.