(Solved) All scene collision is shifted to the left

Apologies if I’m just missing something obvious, but I have this issue in my scene where it appears as though all of the collisions of objects with platform behaviour are shifted to the left. This issue is present whether I’m in fullscreen or normal view.
You can see the separate collisions here:

And when the player moves into it I expect the player not to be able to move, but instead they go into the platform corner’s collision:

I also have the same issue the other way where the player floats on collision that doesn’t exist:

I really appreciate any help :slight_smile:

  • Is the collision mask is applied on all frames?
  • Is the collision layer are used?
    If you can send a reproduction project we could check why the collision act like that.

Collision mask is applied to all frames:

The player is on the base layer and all platform objects are on a layer below that (ground)
What do you mean by reproduction project? Do I have to upload the project file for you to look at?

For anyone else that has this issue, I managed to fix it. Because I have parallax events set up it was shifting the collision for some of the layers for some reason. I just removed the parallax element on the base layer and ground layer and the issue went away.