(Solved) Alternate in vertical platform game

I try to make a vertical platform game for my schoolchild.

The game is like this

I made some platform and the player move the character on touching the screen.

I’ve made 15 platforms with text on it (text is enemy or not).
But i want to do infinitly.

So I think that i can create platform on the left is scene variable equal 0 and right if scene varaiable equal 1.
On each platform, i want a random text choosen between 2 groups of text object (enemies and good ones)

But I don’t konw how to do to create platform if the character is going up.

Hi, there is an ‘Endless Up runner’-example that includes the events for creating platforms when the character goes up: Endless up runner - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

Thanks I didn’t found it