[Solved] An issue with Tilemap Collision Mask

Hello, everyone! I’m currently making a 2D platformer, kind of one room-per-level style. So, I’ve created a tilemap and made a collision mask for it. Attached a platform behavior for collision mask, and attached a platformer character behavior to the player. Player is spawning inside the room, so, he’s inside the box at the start. Or, better say, his position is inside tilemap. And, the problem is, that collision doesn’t work.

However, if player spawned outside of tilemap, collision works perfectly.

Hope, I’ve explained my problem good.

OK, how can I delete my question?

Somehow, tilemap collision mask doesn’t work if it placed in the position (0, 0). So, I moved it to (32, 32), and now it works perfectly

There’s no need to delete it. It might help someone in the future. You can click the pencil near the title and add [Solved] to it.

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