[SOLVED] Android Build Error

When I am packaging my game for Android. It shows error.
"No platforms added to the project. Please use Cordova platform add .

Export to windows, macOS and Linux works fine.

Are you using the online or desktop version?

Which option are you using to export to Android - the first/top option “Android (& iOS coming soon)”, or “iOS & Android(Manual)”?

Can you export using “Web (upload online)”?

Desktop version.
Export to Android (& iOS coming soon) - first option.

Yes I can export using Web ( upload online).

At what stage does the message come up?

And which version of GDevelop are you using?

Gdevelop5 5.0.0-beta108
As soon as build and download initiate it shows Error in see log file.

What does the log show?

And how many daily builds do you have (this may have nothing to do with the error, but better to cross off than ignore it)?

Have you successfully exported with version 108 before?

No, this is my first time with beta108

Could you try with the same project, but with an earlier version of GDevelop? Just to eliminate that the issue is coming from the latest release.

That sounds like a build service issue. Only @4ian can help.

@Nikhil sorry about that! I took a look and the issue is because you put quotes around the AdMob app id in the project settings.
I’ll do a fix to avoid build errors, but you should still remove the quotes otherwise advertisements won’t work :slight_smile:

@arthuro555 might be a good idea to think about in the future having some kind of optional “validators” that can be set for gd::PropertyDescriptor. Could be a regex or something else. Something to keep in mind :slight_smile:

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Agreed, people are having trouble with the firebase configuration string as well

I’m picturing something fairly simple, we could have an optional “AddValidator” that would take a validator name and an array of optional “arguments”. The validator name is handled on the IDE side: if it’s “valid-json”, then it checks for the content to be valid json, if it’s “regex”, it checks the regex passed as argument…
To be a bit future proof, we can even allow multiple validators. Nothing to complex, but useful for extensions to declare their properties.

In the future, we could also make these validators for properties of behaviors (even if behaviors are not supposed to have super complex stuff).