[Solved] Android packaging problem

Quick question. When I build out to android, It’s giving me a zip file instead of an apk. I know i’m being super noob, but what did I miss?


@Pinballgamer Have you read this guide? Publish your game to Android and iOS [GDevelop wiki]

If you have, did you make sure you exported using the online service? AFAIK that’s the only way to produce a signed APK. Review that you’re not using the “advanced” / manual way which would export the files so you would have to use Cordova SDK

If you were doing everything right and it is still spewing a ZIP, I think there was an old issue related to this which was a problem with the renaming… try reading the answers here Android export problem · Issue #886 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

and here:

Maybe @4ian can help more if you are still not getting the results you expect. Good luck!

Yeah. I’ve gone through it. I’m using the android online build. not the advanced. When I check my builds though, it’s showing a cordova build. logs show nothing but successful, no log.

I have followed the guide, but still got a zip instead of apk. Still plugging through the forums, but not a lot of luck. It’s been happening for about three days for me.

Thanks for the input,

went back through and renamed the zip to apk and it seemed to work. wonder why it downloads with the wrong extension? oh well. no worries for now.

Thanks for the help

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An APK is a zip so it is possible that the build service signs with a zipsigner that only supports zips and the zip didn’t get correctly renamed?

@JoseMoreno phonegap online build allows you to not have to struggle with Cordova when manually building.