[Solved] Android, Platformer, UI, Movement

I have an issue on android when using the touch screen

When you touch the screen in one place

The game acts as if you are continuously touching that spot

Until you touch another spot

Also as a sidenote, does anyone have a suggestion for any particularly helpful sources?

I only had a few hours but man, brings me back in time to have a program like this. I had gamemaker probably about 12-13 years ago and made tons of little games just to share with my siblings and family. I had a lot of fun rediscovering that joy. I’m super happy I found Gdev.

How did you guys get into making games and what are your projects looking like, I would be interested to know!

The Game

Edit: also the jump button just randomly stops working

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From what I understand, you need to add a “Mouse is pressed” or “Mouse is released” condition with the “cursor is on object” condition . Before, the game would only look if the cursor is on top of an object and doesn’t care if a button is pressed. Now, it will also check if the mouse button is pressed. If you use the “Mouse is pressed”, the action will continue as long as you press the button, if you use the “Mouse is released”, the action will work when the button is released after a button is pressed, meaning it won’t repeat the action.

Here is more info: Mouse and handling touch events [GDevelop wiki]

If you want to know some games made with GDevelop, here are some, GDevelop Games Showcase | GDevelop

Also, you can find many more games made with GDevelop here too: Games showcase - GDevelop Forum

Hey thanks for the help, worked out great! :slight_smile:

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