🔒[SOLVED] Angry Birds style aim?

How can I replicate an angry birds style aim system? And shrink the “balls” that create the aim
Any help and input appreciated.

Something like this:

Ty but I won’t be able to do that. I don’t have much data left on my package.:frowning_face:

Yes, I don’t have Uncapped internet and I’m a homeschooling student so I can’t afford any unnecessary downloads.

Ty, I would appreciate that.

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This tutorial by wishforge games might also be worth a look Add aiming feature in Gdevelop

Ty, I’ll check it out.

Wow, that’s actually where I got the idea:joy: but I just can’t watch the video again due to the internet issue I explained earlier. I used his method from what I can remember but that balls for the aim actually move and act with the physics, as where his example stays in an exact position in relation to the mouse curser.

I want to learn how to create an object that can be thrown by dragging my finger on the touch screen and releasing, Angry Birds style, help, I’m new