[SOLVED] Animation#3 not playing if animation changes

Hello again Community,

I’m trying to create a whack-a-stone game. When the hammer strikes the stone… it flashes and then returns to it’s usual animation.
#animation 0: perfect
#animation 1: damaged
#animation 2: broken
#animation 3: flash

So, every time the player hits the stone - it flashes on impact and returns.
gameplay = https://youtu.be/5YOQ2amr0ks

my code=

The flash doesn’t work when the stone is damaged or broken.

Any ideas?


Hello, Rob

I did some tests here and I think you could try take this events and put on top:

In my tests, if this events are below of the colision when the BigSquareStone change the animation it don’t flash the first time. But your Stone stops completely to flash I don’t know why… are there more related events?

I’ll leave here my events and a gif of my test because maybe it can help you:


WOW! Thank you @Rasterisko,

Moving those two line up did the trick. :slight_smile: