[SOLVED] Animation enable/disable but don't inherite the force of the global parameters (Finite State Machine)

Hello !

I’m struggling with something (once again but I want it perfect and i already past 2hours on it ^^)

So :
My player can have Diagonals Aim, the animation etc… works well
The problem is in this animation named “Run_x_Diagonal_Up” The player does not get the force applied in the generals parameters that must be applied for going forward or backward…

Anyone can help me ?

GLOBAL PARAMETERS : (Speed / Jump etc…)

The events where the diagonals movements are :

As usual, if more content is needed, ask me :slight_smile:

Anyone knows please ? D:

I’m not seeing any force applying events that apply to your RunXDiagUp conditions. The text (“right”/“left”) will be right but the key pressed (s rather than right/left) is wrong.

Or is that what you mean, you need someone to help with the formula of applying force to go in a diagonal? Which, I can’t help sorry.

Hello, thanks for your answer,

I tried to add a force to the diagonal animation but the player still stay in place, he does not go in the desired direction…

I think this problem will be easy for some people, hopefully they will see the topic.

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I hope so because this makes me very stuck :confused:

Here are several what ifs …

Which lines are supposed to be adding the force? Is it the first image or the includes… Events?

Are the first 2 lines with force supposed to have the trigger once? Are any of the forces supposed to be instant or permanent? Could any of the forces be cancelling each other out with positive and negative. Are there any places where the force should be stopped before new force is added?

I like to add play sound actions to events as an easy way of telling if and when an event is being triggered. Sometimes conditions that should work don’t.

Are there any behaviors that might be conflicting with your events or each other?

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In fact I figured it out, imma change it to solve, in the first pic, i duplicated the event and add an “all must be check to work” + “Keyboard “S” is press” The action for the “all check to work” is called “And”.
So I suppose it was the problem.
But the play sound technique is nice, I should check for that bc i (again) encounter a small problem and i don’t know where does it come from

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