[Solved] Animation Frame not playing in Platform Character

I saw other posts about this, but none of them helped.
I do a condition:
If “Player” is falling = Play animation “Falling” (which have 2 frames)
But when I’m falling, it only plays the first frame. Unless I’m in my maximum falling speed, frame 2 doesn’t show up.
Already tried “Trigger Once”, “Player is not jumping”, but neither of those worked.

Whenever I run into a problem like this, it’s usually because something else is interfering with it. Try throwing in a “when PlayerHitbox is not jumping”. Or see if any other your other code could possibly interfere with the falling animation

If I try this:

The falling animation doesn’t even show up
I looked up my entire code, none of it is interfering with the animations. So… Yeah

Just ruling some stuff out right quick, but I’m assuming you already have the animation on “loop” and the animation speed isn’t like 2 fps or something?

Btw I’m no expert at GDevelop, but it seems like no one else is on atm, so I figured I’d give it a go.

The animation isn’t looped, and the fps is 60

Based on what I can see of your code, nothing should prevent it from working. Only advice I can give is the old go-to of restarting Gdevelop, or even your computer, see if it works after that. Every time I ran into this problem, it’s always been because something else was interfering. Sorry I couldn’t be more help

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Don’t worry, anyway, Thx for trying. Hope I can find a solution

Did you try looping the animation just to see if it’s being triggered? Could be an fps issue. Playing through the animation too fast to notice it (if it’s only 2 frames)


Yes, I tried.
And yes, the animation is triggering, but only the first frame show up. I slowed down the fps, but it didn’t work.
The only way the second frame is showed, is when my falling speed has reached his maximum value.
And yes, I tried comparing the falling speed instead of the player is falling, but it didn’t work either.

Ok did you try, in this order…

Condition: Player is falling
Condition: Player is not on the floor

Doesn’t work either

If you’re ok sharing your game folder i’ll take a quick look

Ok, here it is:
when you are finished downloading it, please tell me

Try this one…

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It worked! Thank you very much!

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You’re welcome. Glad it works :slight_smile:

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