(SOLVED) Animation on collision

It’s My first time making a videogame and i got a problem. I want to make an animation start when i collide with an object, but the animation doesnt start i think because is in conflict with others animation. Any suggestion to solve this? Thanks

fermo and vomita are triggered together.
You need to change your conditions to solve the conflict.

You need to make sure that at any given time, only one animation can be triggered.

How can i solve the conflict?

Hi! Try to adding two subevents to the “Protagonista is moving” condition, one in case of collision with “bacca” that starts the “vomita” animation, and other that launchs the “fermo” animation in case there is no collision with “bacca”.

Thanks for all reply. I’ve find a solution with the suggestion of ars_creativa.
but now if i want to delete the object “bacca”(that now is called “mela”) when " Protagonista" collide whit “mela” the animation " vomita" obviusly doesnt start. Is there a way to set a timer for delete an object? Now i just change the animation of “mela” when collide with"protagonista" but i prefer to delete the object “mela” after the animation “vomita” is end.
Any suggestion?

You can try to add a counter variable for the enemies that start when collided, and then destroy it when the counter reach 0.

Solved with a timer.
Thank you very mutch