[SOLVED] Animation skips to next frame automatically without being told

What I want to happen: My animation should change frames only when a specific condition is met. Until then, my animation should stay on the first frame as usual.

What is happening: But when I run my game, my animation skips to the next (or last) frame, on its own. I’ve deleted all possible events that could be triggering it, I do not have a loop on, and I have never encountered this issue before.

  • I have tried manually setting the animation to frame 1 in an event, but it will keep skipping to the next or last frame, regardless.
  • I’m using GDev release version: 5.2.176
  • My debugger showed some errors, but I’m unsure how to read or understand them.

Debugger error

The top frame should be white, and the bottom red, not red and green

Example of my frames. The white box should show when the game runs, NOT the red box
my frames for the top art
Game editor scene

I even tried testing this out on a completely empty game with no events, just the animation in the scene. But still, once I ran the test game, the animation still skipped to the last, even without any events telling it to…

Did you use the “pause the animation” action? Loop is meant to restart the animation when it finishes, not to allow the animation to play

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Hi Bloomz. Firstly I’ld like to say amazing effort from you with explaining everything so well. Great work. Secondly, although in the current version at least of GD there are no frame numbers shown in the object properties, I think you’ll find that your first frame is actually frame 0. And you’ve been setting it to 1 which is the second frame.

It would have been too quick for you to see that it started off white.

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I 100% forgot how animations worked…this entire time…after using GDev for nearly 2 years…Thank you! That seems to fix my issue XD.

(Now to find other issues I’ve unintentionally caused for myself lol)

Reborn pretty much nailed what my issue was…which was me forgetting how animation in GDev worked lol. Thank you for your input!

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