[SOLVED] Animation Switch Left to Right does not work


I made a fully working Finite State Machine but I encounter my (almost) last problem.

When my player turn left or right (While being Idle, Running, or Jumping with Diagonal Aim etc…) The animation “Turn_Right”/“Turn_Right_Crouch”/“Turn_Right_Jump” etc… works well,

But when I “jump_straight_right” or “Jump_straight_left” It does not.

The fact is some turning animations like the jumping with diagonal aim uses the same as the jump straight and it works perfectly…

Anyone as an idea ?

Jumping Idle Event :

Turning Event :

And to compare here are my Diagonale Aim Jump :

If you need more content, ask me :slight_smile:

If the player is facing left, and you press the jump key, what animation is shown?

It shows “Jump_straight_Left” If the Player isnt moving, however if it’s moving, “Jump_Left” is shown