(SOLVED) Animation won't play off of key press

What is the expected result

You should be able to press the space button and he should play the animation every time.

What is the actual result

I can only make him play the animation once, no matter how many times I press space.

Related screenshots

If animation is changed to fire handgun
And animation is ended then it is still on this animation
You would need to change animation to something else after animation is finished
Or not use trigger once
Or even better
Use fire bullet extension and then you have condition
Object just fired bullet
And use that to play your animation

The issue here is that if you change animation to what it already is, then the animation change is ignored. So if the animation is “Fire Handgun”, then the change animation to “Fire Handgun” will do nothing.

Instead, to replay the animation, set the current frame to the first one (can’t remember if it’s 0 or 1). That will cause the animation to play again.

And as a BTW, the trigger once with the key released condition is unnecessary. The key is released only happens once as it is.

I plan on adding that later, I was just trying to set up the animations and everything.

This worked perfectly, thanks!