[Solved] Any tips on how to make a build android no lag on android devices?

Is there any tips and ways how to make build android games less lag in android devices. Cause If I try to play it in my mobile devices it becomes lag. Thank you for the reply.

Newbie here


To give you an idea of the things that are difficult or not supported on phones because of course they are less powerful than a computer.

  • Large images over 2048px not supported
  • Large audio files or large file in general.
  • Many events that are repeated multiple times.
  • The shaders/effects layer, (very heavy atm on mobile)
  • Collision and distance checks.
  • Physics.

Thanks for the reply. I try to do what you have stated and make a new game for testing purposes. I try lowering the resolution, and just create a new apk. Basically one sprite(set the width and height to 30 and no floor or other images just 1 sprite) and set a condition when touch it will jump. Export it in phonegap and built and try to install and same result happen.

Why is it even, Its just a 1 spirte and 1 condition and action?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me.
What going wrong ?
Touch on sprite dosen’t work with the action “The cursor/touch is on an object” ?
This is the first time i read this. try to increase the dimension of your button.
There are no limit in eventsheet.
If you can post a screen of eventsheet it’s better
I’am not familiar with phonegap / cordova export so, sorry.

my bad i misconcept the term sprite. I mean platformobject.

My bad for the confusion. I manually export it into an android app. When I install it , it is still lagging

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