[SOLVED] APK builder error

I have a problem building the apk file.
Starting from this evening, it is not possible to generate it.
In building window I see:

Ehach line is a build.
It it possible to unlock it ?


I don’t think flooding the build server will help. :sweat_smile:
Did the upload part go fine? Is it a big game, compared to your bandwidth?

Reload GDevelop and wait a bit if necessary, the builds will eventually be either processed or rejected.

Hello and thanks for your reply.

I realized after a few attempts that they remained in the server :slight_smile: . The game is 8M. I have compiled it a thousand more times it without problem…
Is there any way to delete the builds or find out if there is any error? The preview works perfectly. Tomorrow morning I’ll check it. Thanks and goodnight, J

Once the upload part is done you can close the app, the rest is done by the server.
Consider a build as fail after 30min even if “Should finish soon appear” after 30min.

There is no extra control on the build once the project is sent for compilation.

Another user have made a similar report on Discord, with web builds:

MR.MELON — 03/05/2021
bonjour jais un problème je fais des export en web mais ca marcher pas Ducoup jais réessayer et maintenant ça fait ça

cc: @4ian

Thanks a lot. This morning it works perfectly.
Have a good day,

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