[Solved] Arrange scene editor panels

Hi, I saw a screenshot of @mattcc119 scene editor here: I love GDevelop, but this is why I cannot bring myself to use the engine consistently (Pros and Cons Compared to Construct 3)

But if you don’t want to look at it, his layout looks like this:

When I arrange my panels, I can’t get them to go between the left and right panels like the ones marked with question marks.

Here is what happens when I try - the object groups panel wants to go across the full width of the screen. Am I just unco-ordinated or is this an OS thing? The linked example was using Mac and I’m using Linux flatpak GD.

Hi, I am on Windows and it is not very easy but after fiddling around I got it to work, so I guess it is possible on linux too.

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You need to place a first one that will occupy the full width, then insert a second one next to it to split the width.

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Yayyyyyy, I did it. Thank you Drona and Gruk.

I followed Gruk’s instructions. That gave me two bottom panels across the full width of the screen. Then I grabbed the left panel and placed it so that the blue preview was fully on the left like in the pic below. Did the same with the right panels before the screenshot.

I then placed the left panel and resized it and the bottom panels to fit.